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As the saying goes, a secret is no longer a secret if it’s revealed to more than one person. In this case, we’d rather call it “shared information”. How many secrets are hidden behind the fascinating world of design, high fashion, art and craftsmanship?

Secrets hidden within the heart and the mind of those who craft original items with passion and professionalism, while keeping to themselves their techniques and savour-faires. Many times we get surprised by the work of some artists, and then we ask ourselves how did they get inspired and how were they able to make it happen. Their world seems to be so far away from us. We do not understand their journey yet we know their destination: we can only see the end product, but not how and in which ways it has been created.

This is unknown to us. UFASHON Magazine, in collaboration with some big companies, couturiers and designers from all over the world who decided to open the doors of their ateliers and studios, will give us the opportunity to look and admire, step by step, how a masterpiece is made. It is not a coincidence that most of the international fashion brands have published on many social networks tutorial videos that show how their masterpieces are created: the way they embroider, draw, chisel, cut, sew up... Craftsmanship has no more secrets as it has been shared through media. But craftsmanship is history, in the sense that it is in each people’s DNA. It is a part of every countries’ culture. This is the reason why UFASHON Magazine’s aim is to give an account of the unique and special stories of the most famous artists as well as the emerging artisans. UFASHON Magazine will lead us into the world of craftsmanship and it will reveal us, one step at a time, everything there is to know about it. For this world of craftsmanship is like a diamond: it shines and brights, seduces you and makes you feel like there is nothing more precious anywhere. During this journey, we will admire and learn to appreciate the artists’ works, each with a story to tell and a secret to reveal. Now, are you ready for this journey?

Sandra Rondini

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